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  • 2/19/2018 Brad: "Arrived very fast!"
  • 2/16/2018 Sabrina: "Best place to get gold. I have trusted these guts for years. Only people I buy from. Lighting fast, fair prices, and very safe."
  • 2/15/2018 Cedric: "Good good very fast today :D"
  • 2/11/2018 Magnus: "The characters u make, maybe they should spawn in SW at the bank instead of making them run from northshire to the bank.. but everything else is perfect.. ty for the deal"
  • 2/10/2018 Philip: "thanks"
  • 2/9/2018 Noah: "Had a longer delivery time then usual, but I xferred to a higher pop realm so it makes sense. Best gold site!"
  • 2/9/2018 Corey: "Fastest delivery service. The service lives up to the company name!!!"
  • 2/9/2018 Corey: "Very fast service!"
  • 2/9/2018 Sander: "Ty"
  • 2/5/2018 Nicholas: "2 times in the one night, both super fast"
  • 2/3/2018 Juraj: "Super services."
  • 1/29/2018 Caleb: "Always amazing! Never fails. Stop questioning this website and stop looking at other locations!"
  • 1/23/2018 Bryce: "Didn't bullshit and got it done, thank you for your time."
  • 1/23/2018 Travis: "Stupid fast, when I do buy this is the place"
  • 1/22/2018 jason: "Super fast"
  • 1/21/2018 Ronald: "FAST AF"
  • 1/20/2018 Valerie: "Awesome delivery speed! No Hassle!!!"
  • 1/14/2018 Jonathan: "Fast"
  • 1/12/2018 Jeremy: "Great!"
  • 1/11/2018 Petter: "Best goldbuying service i've ever used. Bought 100k, delivered 15 mins after ordering. 10/10, will use again."
  • 1/9/2018 Mikkel: "Very fast and cheap!"
  • 1/9/2018 Sam: "super quick..extremely happy with these guys"
  • 1/7/2018 Shawn: "great great great"
  • 1/6/2018 Christian: "I have ordered multiple times now. The service is always quick and courteous."
  • 1/6/2018 Deonte: "Fast, easy, good rates. Thanks"
  • 1/5/2018 Ben: "Very fast"
  • 1/4/2018 Stephen: "Very fast and professional"
  • 1/1/2018 Israar: "Unbelievably fast and reliable,would definitely buy again"
  • 12/31/2017 Alex: "Great."
  • 12/31/2017 ricky: "quick and easy, thank you."
  • 12/31/2017 Scotty: "holy shit that was fast......."
  • 12/29/2017 Juraj: "Excellent services :-D"
  • 12/27/2017 Nick: "Very fast, very secure. Multiple security checks. Received gold within 5 minutes"
  • 12/27/2017 David: "Fast and efficient, very good! :)"
  • 12/25/2017 Vinal: "Amazing"
  • 12/24/2017 Alejandro: "So fast, in 5minutes. Will buy again"
  • 12/24/2017 Angela: "The only thing that I would suggest is saying to be in the valley of trials instead of in org. Other than that, I loved it and will definitely be coming back!"
  • 12/24/2017 Ber: "Thanks very fast delivery... will buy again"
  • 12/22/2017 Laurence: "amazing customer service will come back"
  • 12/21/2017 Florian: "Very fast delivery, will use again!"