Fast Order

  • Game: Stock: 233,381,512 G
  • Server: Stock: 0 G
  • Quantity: G    Stock Notification
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  • Delivery:
    1. Please log in the game ASAP after you confirm the payment and keep online with the character on your order until you get the gold.
    2. The ETA would be 1-30mins usually. Our traders will deliver our orders in sequence, so please wait in the game with patience.
    3. If out of ETA and you have to leave, please change to AH and we can pay AH fee at 106k for 100k.
    4. The trader will invite you to a group and then ask you to come to him to trade. The place is usually at the bank of Stormwind for Alliance, or Orgrimmar for Horde.
    5. After trading our trader won't ask you to return gold for any reason(screenshots, bonus, banned account,etc.). Anyone who does it is a scammer! If you do so, we won't take your loss!
    6. Sometimes the delivery is in batches.
    7. Sometimes if you are not online or for the safety of farmers' accounts, we will mail you the gold. So please check your mailbox in an hour if order status is completed.
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