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  • 5/24/2018 Rodrigo: "Excelent, fast and easy!"
  • 5/21/2018 Tonny: "Fast and good service"
  • 5/18/2018 Mikkel Roch : "Very good got my gold in 10 minutes!"
  • 5/14/2018 thomas: "Just WOW!!!!!! the delivery speed is incredibly fast even for large amounts of gold. Great Job fastwowgold!!!!"
  • 5/13/2018 James: "Thank you"
  • 5/11/2018 EMEL: "I have been buying gold for over 5 years and this was by far the fastest delivery"
  • 5/10/2018 Joseph: "Took about 5 mins from when I paid. Cheapest service I've found. Would use again and or reccomend."
  • 5/7/2018 louis: "Pretty good"
  • 5/3/2018 Andrew: "Amazing speed, right to the point, thanks!"
  • 4/28/2018 whitney: "my only complaint is it took 3 people to get my gold which is fine, but they all invited me at the same time while i was trying to trade with the previous person other than that 100% will buy again perfect fast transaction 5 minute wait time 10/10!!"
  • 4/26/2018 Łukasz: "good and fast"
  • 4/25/2018 Jan: "Perfect!"
  • 4/22/2018 Taylor: "extremely fast!"
  • 4/21/2018 Robert: "Ordered 500,000 Gold, arrived within 11 minutes. Excellent service, would recommend."
  • 4/21/2018 Robert: "Gold arrived a little after ETA but customer support was great and I got what I paid for :)"
  • 4/21/2018 Sonia: "Tooke less than 10m to get my gold, APROVED!"
  • 4/19/2018 christopher: "Very fast"
  • 4/16/2018 Jonathan: "Fast"
  • 4/15/2018 presley: "fucking insane timing LOL"
  • 4/15/2018 Hieu: "give me 1m"
  • 4/14/2018 dustin: "23:20:43] [W From] [Bitrkal]: come back [23:20:54] [W From] [Bitrkal]: i forget screenshot [23:20:58] [W From] [Bitrkal]: you put received gold pls [23:21:11] [W From] [Bitrkal]: need to re-Trading gold Your guy was trying to get me to trade my gold back to him"
  • 4/11/2018 Tim: "Warned me of scammers as well"
  • 4/10/2018 Jackie: "quic"
  • 4/10/2018 joshua: "kinda slow but got the gold in the end"
  • 4/9/2018 Emmanuel: "omg awesome service, will buy again"
  • 4/9/2018 Timothy: "good service. thank you much"
  • 4/8/2018 Casey: "amazing as always. I always use this site for quick, cheap gold :)"
  • 3/31/2018 Jim: "Delivered within time schedule."
  • 3/29/2018 Drake: "Very Realiable!! If they don't get it in the ETA they will help you immediatly. Overall Great Business!"
  • 3/27/2018 Dwewavion: "Super fast delivery, guy was nice and prompt"
  • 3/27/2018 Shane: "I will always buy gold from here, very fast and good price, cant complain!"
  • 3/26/2018 Emil: "10/10 Very goood"
  • 3/21/2018 Colin: "great"
  • 3/17/2018 Jim: "Reliable but can take a few extra minutes to deliver"
  • 3/17/2018 William: "Excellent service!"
  • 3/15/2018 Cristian Eduardo: "Really fast and nice service"
  • 3/14/2018 Gary: "Worked nice and easy. thanks"
  • 3/14/2018 Casey: "great"
  • 3/13/2018 richard: "great job i would use again best service so far"
  • 3/11/2018 Michael: "Super fast!!!"