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Frequent Asked Questions

1. What's the stock of xxx server?
The stock is shown after you select your game and server on our homepage. It's REAL stock. You can also check our available stock servers list here: available servers
2. When will you have stock on xxx server?
I don't know because of too many servers and too many farmers. This is how we work: when the farmers have gold, they will enter into our system. You could use our stock notification service to get updates.
3. How fast can I get it?
1-30 minutes(AH or Mail takes extra 1 hour to arrive because of the game's rules).
4. Can you deliver now?
It depends on the stock of your server: if we have stock we will deliver your order within 30 minutes after your payment; if we have no stock you can't make an order acturally. But if your order is big (larger than 1M), you can make a transfer order
5. What's the price of xxx gold on yyy server?
Select your game and server, if we have stock, you can choose the quantity you want and the price will be shown.
6. Do you buy gold?
No. We only sell safe gold from our farmers.
7. Do you match price?
No. Our price is based on the cost of our farmers.
8. Why can't I buy 100k gold for xxx server, I don't need 500k?
Sorry, farmers have minimum quantity requirement for their delivery.
9. Can I cancel my order?
Absolutely, you can request a refund at any time before delivery, so don't worry about your money.

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2. Phone & Text: +1 8023485161.
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